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Bitcoin… Exclusively

When it comes to our clients wealth, there can be no mistake.
And make no mistake - Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency that will do.

Non-custodial wealth services for your Bitcoin portfolio.

- Lightning Payments
- Savings & Retirement
- Exchange Funds

Commercial services for Lightning Network & Bitcoin powered businesses.

- Lightning Merchant Services
- Business Payments
- Exchange Funds

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Account Services

We make Bitcoin and Lightning Network easy. Get a full range of convenient services with every account.

Lightning Hardware

Private & Business Wallets
Security Devices
Network Devices
Hardware Support

Exchange Desk

Our Exchange Desk allows you to easily transfer balances between fiat currency, Bitcoin, and the Lightning Network.

Security Checkup

We promote safe practices for storing and using your Bitcoin. Get peace of mind by taking control, one step at a time.


Ride The Lightning

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