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Quick service funding and withdraws. Use Lightning for the next level of Bitcoin transactions.

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Send and receive Canadian dollars; convert and withdraw to Bitcoin when it's convenient for you.

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Whether you want to send money to friends, earn, or even pay Bitcoin on the go; Graaf opens the door to use Bitcoin beyond just buying and holding (and you can still do that too)
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Access your account through a specialist or with our online platform. We make it easy to use and exchange Bitcoin.
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Learn more about Graaf Private Bitcoin accounts.

How is this different than an exchange?

1. We are one of the first brokerages to offer direct dollars-to-Lightning network transactions. You can buy and sell Bitcoin on the Lightning network with Canadian dollars. This offers lower fees for very small amounts, at near instant faster transaction speeds.

2. Our brokerage sends Bitcoin directly to your personally controlled wallet; instead of hosting a wallet for you, Bitcoin that you purchase is sent to the wallet address that you specify.


Bitcoin only?

We’re developing matured virtual currency services that borrow from the best of traditional markets. Graaf One combines top quality in class with conservative applications. When it comes to our clients wealth, Bitcoin is the minimum acceptable standard.



How do you keep clients funds safe?

Bitcoin already has this feature. We do provide specialists to support clients with safekeeping and solutions, but we do not custody Bitcoin. This ensures our clients are guaranteed unadulterated value and protections of the Bitcoin protocol.



What is the Lightning Network and how do you use it?

The Lightning Network is an improvement protocol layer on top of Bitcoin; it’s a way of using Bitcoin that allows for faster and cheaper transactions, especially micro transactions.

To get yourself some Lightning Network Bitcoin with us you can:

1. Install a compatible wallet such as Breez, Eclair (Android), Bitlum (web extension), Lightning Labs or Shock wallet.

2. For some wallets like Bitlum, you may not require any extra steps to create a new channel as some custodial services already have connections to Graaf. For other wallets, make sure your wallet has a node we can connect to; ex. In Breez, under settings this will be your
node id”.

3. Login to Graaf, navigate to the “Trade” page, select “Lightning” and follow the instructions; if there is no compatible channel with your node, you’ll be prompted to create one. We usually will give you some receiving capacity in addition to your purchase, so you’ll be able to receive and send with the channel. For example: a $50 purchase will usually result in a $100 channel with us; so you’ll be able to receive payment in your channel right away; think of it as creating a 2 way road instead of a one way.


What kind of fees do you charge?

Our commission fees are already included in the buy and sell price you see displayed on your dashboard. This is the price you’ll pay per Bitcoin. We have free deposits of Canadian dollars to our accounts but we also include some fairly priced options for those who want to move their funds through a faster method.
If you choose to open up a new Lightning network channel, you will pay the network fee for Bitcoin to be confirmed quickly; you’ll have a chance to see this fee before proceeding with your order.


Does my account need to be verified?

For all accounts, full verification is required to access our services.



How do I accept Bitcoin payments?

Our current system allows you to create Lightning network or main-chain invoices on the “Trade” page; simple input the amount in Canadian dollars or Bitcoin that you wish to sell, and it will create a QR code for your customer to scan, once funds are received they will be converted directly to Canadian dollars. Speak to a specialist to complete a merchant needs assessment for your business.


What rate am I quoted for Bitcoin?

We calculate and index average of major Canadian exchanges to derive a fair price. The index price we display on the dashboard already includes our fee.(unless you need a new lightning channel, which usually has an additional small network fee).


When is my Bitcoin converted to dollars?

Bitcoin that’s converted to dollars will show up in your account usually within a few hours after the invoice has been paid; sometimes almost immediately if your customer is paying with Lightning. Once you see Canadian dollars in your account you’ll be able to request a withdraw.

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